Know about Hemas Health App

Hemas Health App offers you a wide range of health and wellness services revolutionizing the Sri Lankan healthcare space. The services and features offered by the app are listed below.

  • Channel a Doctor : Now you can easily get an appointment through the “Channel a Doctor” feature through the Hemas Health App. Payments could be made through a credit card or through add to the bill option.
  • View Report : Hemas Health offers a unique facility for the first time in Sri Lanka with the View Report feature. Get your medical laboratory test done from any Hemas Hospitals laboratory and you will be able to view the report as soon as the test results are ready. Your results will be securely stored in the App and you can download or compare the results with previous results through graphs so that you yourself can take action to improve your health conditions.
  • Online Pharmacy : With this feature you can upload a picture of your prescription and the medicines will be delivered to your doorstep by a certified pharmacist with proper advice.
  • Online Video Consultations : You can consult a doctor through a video consultation with this feature and save your precious time and money in addition to the invaluable convenience it offers
  • Telephysio: This feature enables you to do your physiotherapy sessions from home under the observation and guidance of a Physiotherapist guided by videos on exercise programmes.
  • Ask a Doctor : You can get advice from a doctor or an expert on health or wellness related issue through the chat option offered in this feature.
  • Contact us : A feature allowing users to contact us through the App and find the locations of our hospitals on google maps.
  • Store : This online marketplace offers many wellness related products and services including weight reduction programmes, fitness programmes, relaxation programmes.
  • Step challenges : You can take part in the virtual Walking challenges we organize from time to time and win attractive gifts and prizes.